Panels and Events

Community Panel Schedule:


All panels take place on Saturday, May 24th.  They will be recorded and uploaded 1-2 weeks after the event.  If you attend a panel from start to finish, you will get a free Panel Raffle ticket!

12 PM:How to Make Fighting Games – Hosted by Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont

Join Skullgirls creator Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont as he discusses the daunting task of not only making, but supporting, a competitive fighting game. What must a game have to be a complete title? What components are integral to fan satisfaction? How many of these things actually got into Skullgirls?

Lecture followed by Q&A.

2 PM:Behind the Scenes with Maximilian

Have you ever wondered how one of Maximilian’s beloved Youtube videos gets developed? What kind of insights, planning, or equipment does it take to entertain us? And more importantly, did Doom ever pay for that yogurt?

Brief lecture followed by Q&A.

4 PM:World Warrior – Hosted by Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart

Jet setting across the globe to find, and fight, the best competition possible was supposed to just be a video game storyline for Street Fighter’s Ryu. Yet, Ryan Hart, the Prodigal Son of the United Kingdom, has made a life out of traveling to foreign lands and testing his skills. Listen in on how a Hart grew from a kid having fun playing Golden Axe, to becoming a world-renowned Champion of competitive fighting games.

Brief introduction followed by Q&A

 6 PM:Building Teams with Purity – Hosted by Jay “Viscant” Snyder

Following the beaten path has never been Jay Snyder’s style, and very few can claim to have dissected the Marvel vs. Capcom video game series the way he has. A pioneer of playing the game’s mechanics instead of just popular characters, Snyder has developed a great understanding of how to build competitive teams around even low-tier and unpopular characters. A former EVO Champion Snyder has blazed an opinionated trail based around deep game knowledge, mechanics exploration, and an eternal quest for Purity.

  Brief lecture followed by Q&A

8 PM:Domination 101 – Hosted by Seth Killian

A man who needs no introduction in the Fighting Game Community, Seth “S-Kill” Killian is a man devoted to the growth of competitive gaming. Over the years Seth’s contributions to building up the knowledge of fighting game enthuisiasts, be it through written expose, energetic commentary, or the recording of great matches, have been extensive – and celebrated. He has applied his knowledge to the development of modern fighting games for Capcom and Sony, and has been rewarded for his efforts with not one, but two fighting game characters named after him.

Brief introduction followed by Q&A

10 PM:The Fastest Pace – Hosted by Cosmo, Siglemic, & Romscout

Is it enough to simply play a game, or is better to play it as quickly and flawlessly as humanly possible? Speedrunning is the art of playing a game as fast as possible, to entertain via perfect execution and muscle memory, and few men are as proficient and dedicated to it as Cosmo, Siglemic, & Romscout. Join them as they discuss the highs and lows of speedrunning, and what keeps them invested in the playstyle turned art-form.

Lecture followed by Q&A

Indie Games:

This year, a few indie game developers will be showing their games.  Be sure to check out BaraBariBall, Fearless Night, Advent Saga, Divekick Addition Edition +, and more!

BaraBariBall will host a free side tournament on Sunday finals day.


Auction Tournament Events:

What is a character auction tournament?  Read this wonderful article to find out! UFGT10:X will host four Auction events this year, so bring that paper!

Character Auction rules – Players will gather in front of the stage. The auctioneer will draw a (team of) character(s) from a hat, and players will raise their hand to bid in $1 increments for the right to play in the Auction Tournament as that character (or team).  Once a player wins a character (or team), he can no longer participate in bidding wars.  All players must play on the arcade sticks (or gamepads for Project M) provided using default controls to avoid controller configuration delays.

Event #1 – Capcom Vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 Character Auction [Players will be able to choose their own Groove, order, and ratio loadout.  16 player limit, single game, single elimination, 70/30 top 2 split]

Event #2 – Project M Character Auction [16 player limit, single game single elim, 70/30 top 2 split.]


Event #3 – Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Character Auction [Characters will be assist locked at time of bidding, but players can chose team order. 32 player limit, single game, single elimination, 70/30 top 2 split]

Event #4 – Salty’s Silent Auction   Wait, what?  Salty’s Silent Auction?  That’s different and new, please explain! SaltyRugal Silent Auction Rules – Throughout the day, players will be allowed to write their name and silent bid on a slip of paper and put it into our lockbox. The top 32 bids will be sorted out and those players will ante up and join the tournament bracket.  You will be playing Salty Bet’s MUGEN build, with a team of four randomly selected characters (KoF style).  This tournament will be best 2 out of 3 games, single elimination, with a 60/30/5/5 split to Top 4.   And yes, you’ll have a new random select team every single game. Don’t miss this one and only chance to actually play Salty Bet’s insane MUGEN build, featuring over 2,600 characters!


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