UFGT9 Archive:

UFGT9 Final Pool Assignments

The UFGT9 pool assignments are now final.  Be sure to be 15 minutes early to your pool, or risk disqualification.  We will not wait for you.

UFGT9 Final Schedule

This is the final version of the UFGT9 Schedule.


UFGT8 Schedule and Pool Assignments Archive

Emergency Registration Note – If you are not registered at least 15 minutes before the FIRST pool of any tournament game starts, you are too late and will not be added to the brackets.

Click here to open or download the FINAL pool assignment directory in PDF form.  Additionally, these will be posted on the walls in the UFGT8 ballrooms for your convenience.   Even if you checked your pools yesterday, a few things have changed, so be sure to verify your personal schedule so that you don’t miss your pools.

Click below to enlarge the detailed schedule.  Consider printing one out to carry with you at UFGT8!  Once you have your pool assignments, simply match your GAME and NUMBER, then follow the column down to find your letter and see when you play.

Thursday May 24th –

  • 12PM – Ballroom setup begins
  • 2PM – Check-in and Emergency Registration is open
  • 7PM – Check-in and Emergency Registration closes for the night, Pre-pre-game show begins.
  • 8PM – Pre-Game Show Special (Only staff and special guests allowed in the ballroom at this time)
  • 10PM (or as Pre-Game Show ends) – Volunteer Training / Staff Scheduling

Friday May 25th – 

  • 12PM – Ballroom opens, Check-in and Emergency Registration re-open
  • 1PM – SSF4 16-Man Character Auction
  • 3PM – SFxT and Mystery Pools Begin, KoFXIII 8-Man Character Auction
  • 5PM – 3SO and EX3 Pools Begin
  • 7PM – SSF4, SCV, and VS Pools Begin
  • 9PM – UMvC3, KoFXIII, and MK9 Pools Begin, 3SO Finals
  • 11PM – SFxT 32-Man Character Auction, VS Finals

Saturday May 26th – 

  • 10AM – Ballroom opens, Skullgirls and ST Pools Begin
  • 11AM – Panels begin downstairs, see Panel Schedule
  • 12PM – VF5FS Pools Begin
  • 2PM – Pools Continue
  • 4PM – SSF4 Semifinals, SCV Semifinals
  • 6PM – T6 Pools Begin, UMvC3 Semifinals, KoFXIII Semifinals, MK9 Semifinals, ST Finals
  • 8PM – SFxT Semifinals, Skullgirls Semifinals, VF Semifinals, Mystery Semifinals
  • 10PM – VF5FS Finals, T6 Finals
  • 11PM – UMvC3 32-Man Character Auction

Sunday May 27th – [Explanation of weirdness]

  • 10AM – Finals begin (schedule TBA)

  • 10AM – Sign up for Super Balrog Ball Tournament, DIVEKICK Tournament, and community run side events/teams events.

  • 11AM – Teams, Super Balrog Ball, and DIVEKICK tournaments begin.

  • 5:30PM – Raffle giveaways on stage, gather around with your winning tickets!


UFGT7 Schedule Archive

Click to enlarge the schedule below.  Might be nice to carry with you at the event!

The UFGT7 Schedule is now available.   The pool you are assigned to will be based on regional seeding and will be mostly random, and you cannot request specific pools to play at specific times.  However, if you are scheduled for two pools that take place simultaneously, please let me know and I will do everything possible to make sure you are not in overlapping pools.

– Text Notes –  [See above image for detailed Pool Block schedule]

Thursday May 26th –

12:00PM Setup Begins

6:00PM Early Check-in and Emergency Registration Begin

10:00PM Check-in and Emergency Registration closes for the night, Staff Meeting and Volunteer Training Begins.

11:30PM Staff Meeting and Volunteer Training Ends.

Friday May 27th –

9:00AM Check-in and Emergency Registration Open

11:00AM Emergency Registration for Mystery Game Tournament closes.

3:00PM Mortal Kombat 9 Character Auction Event (16 Players)

5:00PM Emergency Registration for SSF4, AH3, T6, and SFEX2+ closes.

8:00PM Emergency Registration for MvC3, BBCS, and MK9 closes.  Check-In closes.

12:00AM Midnight – Super Street Fighter 4 Character Auction Event (32 Players)

Saturday May 28th –

9:00AM Check-In re-opens.

9:30AM Emergency Registration for ST closes.

3:00PM Emergency Registration for Vampire closes.  Check-In closes.

10:00PM – Semi Final Overflow Block – Remaining semi finals and anything that ran over schedule will play now.  Vampire top 8 on Stream.

12:00AM Midnight – Marvel vs Capcom 3 Team of Characters Auction Event (32 players)

Sunday May 29th –

9:00AM – Mystery Game Top 8 Winners Side Rounds, Signups for Teams Events Begin

9:15AM – Arcana Heart 3 Top 3

10:00AM Mystery Game Top 8 7th Place Rounds

10:15AM – BlazBlue Continuum Shift Top 3

11:00AM – Mystery Game Top 8 5th Place Rounds, Teams events begin

11:15AM – Tekken 6 Top 3

12:45PM – Mystery Game Top 8 4th Place Round

1:00PM – Mortal Kombat 9 Top 4

2:30PM – Mystery Game Top 8 Winners Finals

2:45PM – Super Street Fighter 4 Top 8

5:00PM – Mystery Game Top 8 Losers Finals, Raffle Winners Line Up

5:15PM – Raffle Winner Giveaways

6:00PM – Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 8

8:00PM (or when Marvel is finished) – Mystery Game Top 8 Grand Finals

9:00PM – UFGT7 Closes, stay and help us clean up!


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