The registration fee, also called the venue fee, is a one-time cost that every player must pay when entering any number of tournaments or coming to play games casually in the bring-your-own-console area.  Entering one tournament, or six, still only costs you the venue fee one time.  The venue fee goes toward paying for the event hall and other costs, while the tournament fees themselves go 100% directly into the prize pool for each game.

If you wait to register, prices will go up.  Registering early also helps the Tournament Director plan the event with more information, allowing the schedule to be much more accurate.

All tournaments can start as early as 1pm Friday May 23rd. You may or may not be placed in an early play time slot (pool), so be prepared. We do not allow players to request preferential time slots.

Normal Registration ($35) – From Feb 17th until May 4th

Late Registration ($45) – From May 5th to May 19th (This means through the 18th, closes at Midnight on the 18th)

Emergency Registration ($60) –  At the event during Emergency Registration Hours only (Thursday May 22nd, 4pm to 8pm, and Friday May 23rd, 10am to 2:30pm).   Only tournaments that have available byes will allow emergency registrants to enter, and only before a tournament’s first pools start, as the brackets will already be made at this time.  You cannot and will not be regionally or skill seeded if you are an emergency registrant.  Avoid this option at all costs.

Spectators and Casual Gamers – Spectators are allowed inside the venue at no charge, but any person playing video games in the venue, even if they are just casuals in the Bring Your Own Console area, will need to have an event badge.  Casual-only event badges will be sold at the emergency registration table for $20.



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