Earn Unlimited Energy – UFGT10 Champions Take Home an X-Tank

You didn’t think we’d let our finale come and go without a bad-ass themed trophy, did you? The grand champion of each main UFGT10 tournament will take home one of these X-Tanks!  You’ll even have a chance to win one in the Door Prize and Fun & Games raffle drawings!

Designed by TheHadou and Tafoya Glass, these works of art feature dual cylinder solid glass construction, colored glass shards, and are solar powered.  You are sure to feel energized has you hold your glowing UFGT10 championship into the air, if you have what it takes to win one, that is.


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(And to avoid follow up questions, the answer is yes. In previous years, only games that reached a certain number of entries got a trophy, but this year we bought them for every single UFGT game.  Love you too!)

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UFGT10 Panel Schedule – Including 2 New Panels!

When we released the UFGT10 trailer, we revealed that Mike Z, Maximilian, Viscant, and Seth Killian would all be hosting panels this year.  In addition to revealing our full panel schedule below, we are also very pleased to announce two more panels.  The first features the UK’s Ryan Hart, and the second features popular speedrunners Cosmo, Siglemic, and Romscout!


All panels take place on Saturday, May 24th.  They will be recorded and uploaded 1-2 weeks after the event.  If you attend a panel from start to finish, you will get a free Panel Raffle ticket!

12 PM:How to Make Fighting Games – Hosted by Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont

Join Skullgirls creator Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont as he discusses the daunting task of not only making, but supporting, a competitive fighting game. What must a game have to be a complete title? What components are integral to fan satisfaction? How many of these things actually got into Skullgirls?

Lecture followed by Q&A.

2 PM:Behind the Scenes with Maximilian

Have you ever wondered how one of Maximilian’s beloved Youtube videos gets developed? What kind of insights, planning, or equipment does it take to entertain us? And more importantly, did Doom ever pay for that yogurt?

Brief lecture followed by Q&A.

4 PM:World Warrior – Hosted by Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart

Jet setting across the globe to find, and fight, the best competition possible was supposed to just be a video game storyline for Street Fighter’s Ryu. Yet, Ryan Hart, the Prodigal Son of the United Kingdom, has made a life out of traveling to foreign lands and testing his skills. Listen in on how a Hart grew from a kid having fun playing Golden Axe, to becoming a world-renowned Champion of competitive fighting games.

Brief introduction followed by Q&A

 6 PM:Building Teams with Purity – Hosted by Jay “Viscant” Snyder

Following the beaten path has never been Jay Snyder’s style, and very few can claim to have dissected the Marvel vs. Capcom video game series the way he has. A pioneer of playing the game’s mechanics instead of just popular characters, Snyder has developed a great understanding of how to build competitive teams around even low-tier and unpopular characters. A former EVO Champion Snyder has blazed an opinionated trail based around deep game knowledge, mechanics exploration, and an eternal quest for Purity.

  Brief lecture followed by Q&A

8 PM:Domination 101 – Hosted by Seth Killian

A man who needs no introduction in the Fighting Game Community, Seth “S-Kill” Killian is a man devoted to the growth of competitive gaming. Over the years Seth’s contributions to building up the knowledge of fighting game enthuisiasts, be it through written expose, energetic commentary, or the recording of great matches, have been extensive – and celebrated. He has applied his knowledge to the development of modern fighting games for Capcom and Sony, and has been rewarded for his efforts with not one, but two fighting game characters named after him.

Brief introduction followed by Q&A

10 PM:The Fastest Pace – Hosted by Cosmo, Siglemic, & Romscout

Is it enough to simply play a game, or is better to play it as quickly and flawlessly as humanly possible? Speedrunning is the art of playing a game as fast as possible, to entertain via perfect execution and muscle memory, and few men are as proficient and dedicated to it as Cosmo, Siglemic, & Romscout. Join them as they discuss the highs and lows of speedrunning, and what keeps them invested in the playstyle turned art-form.

Lecture followed by Q&A

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Atlus sponsors UFGT! Persona 4 Arena Receives $500 Pot Bonus!

Atlus is proud to support Persona 4 Arena at UFGT10:X, furthering and rekindling excitement for the game’s revision, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax! Newly available for pre-order from retailers listed at atlus.com/p4au, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is the follow-up to the stellar Persona 4 Arena, a game responsible for one of UFGT9’s hypest moments when Lord Knight and BananaKen squared off in Grand Finals!

In an effort to create new amazing moments Atlus is sponsoring a $500 Pot Bonus at UFGT10:X this year, a generous donation each of you should be trying to claim.  The side tournament will cost $10 to enter and will be capped at 64 players. It will run Sunday, May 25th starting at 10am. The top 8 finals will stream on twitch.tv/nobodyexe at 6pm!

So fine-tune those Labrys defenses, and come check out Persona 4 Arena all weekend long at UFGT10:X.

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$500 bonus added to the Injustice Gods Among Us tournament

It may be last minute, but its great to see NetherRealm Studios coming through to support Injustice players with a $500 pot bonus at UFGT10.  Chicago is the home of NRS, after all, and you may even be lucky enough to see members of the NRS team popping into UFGT10 to say hello.  Registration closes in less than 50 hours, don’t delay!


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The UFGT Pre Game-Show Returns!

At UFGT8, we teased you all with a “Pre-Game Show”, but what we delivered was actually a “Pre Game-Show”!  We took 9 contestants and treated them to a trivia and gameplay challenge in the spirit of Nick Arcade, awarding cash to the winner.


At 10am CST on Friday, May 23rd, UFGT10 will live stream a brand new Pre Game-Show!  12 contestants will compete for a cash prize (sponsored by One True Game Studios) in a mysterious and hilarious competition meant to test a gamer’s skills, wits, and fortitude.

Who are these 12 contestants?  They could be you!  During our Early Check-In hours on Thursday, May 22nd, players can test themselves in a qualifying round.  The top qualifiers will be invited back the next morning for the showdown of a lifetime!  Be sure to tune in (or catch the archive) on Level|Up’s channel!

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One of the stand out trademarks of UFGT is definitely the Fun & Games Corner.  For just a dollar, you can compete with a live opponent in various competitive games.  The winner gets a raffle ticket to the exclusive Fun & Games prize drawings, but every player gets prize tokens to spend at the prize shop!

The ULTIMATE FIGHTING GAME TABLE returns this year with a new look and a new game.  You and your friends can compete by playing the ever popular BALROG BALL and POKER BALL.  You can also compete for prizes when you play X-BALL… the game that celebrates 10 years of UFGT X-cellance.

Last year DIVEKICK 21 (the newest incarnation of our addictive 21 game) was so popular we had to run two tables to accommodate everyone.  This year both tables return and will be revolving all of the different versions we’ve played over the years along with a new version that’s killer!  The meanest game I’ve ever invented is as much fun to watch as it is to play.  But there’s more!  To make our final year a memorable one, I’m thrilled to announce the UFGT21 PLAY-OFF!  Eight skillful players will compete in one final game for some very cool prizes!

Remember, every time you play any game (win or lose) in the FUN & GAMES area you win tokens that can be redeemed at the gift shop.  This includes taking a win or a loss in our newest attraction, Random Select Team Play Salty MUGEN!  You could take home awesome gifts for yourself or someone special.  Like this year’s new Mr. N Travel Pillows & Blankets!   We’ve also stocked the shop with more of the stuff that flew off the shelves last year.


Anna, Steve & Papa Keits will be there to run the games and help you understand the rules.  Join us one last time to make new memories and celebrate the old ones in the FUN & GAMES area.



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UFGT10 Tentative Schedule Updated

The tentative UFGT10 schedule is now available.  It is subject to change, but should be very close to final after today’s update.  If you notice any possible issues, please contact @TheKeits on twitter so we can consider your feedback.  Click here for a full size downloadable version.


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