One of the stand out trademarks of UFGT is definitely the Fun & Games Corner.  For just a dollar, you can compete with a live opponent in various competitive games.  The winner gets a raffle ticket to the exclusive Fun & Games prize drawings, but every player gets prize tokens to spend at the prize shop!

The ULTIMATE FIGHTING GAME TABLE returns this year with a new look and a new game.  You and your friends can compete by playing the ever popular BALROG BALL and POKER BALL.  You can also compete for prizes when you play X-BALL… the game that celebrates 10 years of UFGT X-cellance.

Last year DIVEKICK 21 (the newest incarnation of our addictive 21 game) was so popular we had to run two tables to accommodate everyone.  This year both tables return and will be revolving all of the different versions we’ve played over the years along with a new version that’s killer!  The meanest game I’ve ever invented is as much fun to watch as it is to play.  But there’s more!  To make our final year a memorable one, I’m thrilled to announce the UFGT21 PLAY-OFF!  Eight skillful players will compete in one final game for some very cool prizes!

Remember, every time you play any game (win or lose) in the FUN & GAMES area you win tokens that can be redeemed at the gift shop.  This includes taking a win or a loss in our newest attraction, Random Select Team Play Salty MUGEN!  You could take home awesome gifts for yourself or someone special.  Like this year’s new Mr. N Travel Pillows & Blankets!   We’ve also stocked the shop with more of the stuff that flew off the shelves last year.


Anna, Steve & Papa Keits will be there to run the games and help you understand the rules.  Join us one last time to make new memories and celebrate the old ones in the FUN & GAMES area.



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