Ultra Street Fighter 4 Playtest and Tournament at UFGT10

Capcom, as part of the the Capcom Pro Tour, has agreed to bring a near final console version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 to UFGT10!  This preview playtest will be accompanied by a full double elimination USF4 tournament run by the UFGT staff. 

As a special part of this USF4 tournament, we’re looking to encourage people to play the five new characters: Hugo, Poison, Rolento, Elena, and Decapre. To do this, UFGT will be awarding $100 to the five people who make it furthest in the tournament using each of the five new characters. In order to be one of these fortunate 5 players, you have to lock yourself in to one of the new characters when your USF4 pool starts. Play anybody else and you’re out of the running for the bonus money.


Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be added to our registration page shortly.  If you already registered, you’ll have to contact me directly (admin at onetruegame dot com) in order to add it to your existing registration.

When I ran Midwest Championships in 2010, it was fortunate enough to be the very first large Super Street Fighter 4 tournament in the United States. Now, UFGT10 is going to be one of the last big Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 tournaments AND one of the first big Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournaments. It definitely feels like things have come full circle. We hope you’ll join us in Chicago from May 23rd to 25th. See you soon!



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