UFGT10:X – The Finale


The Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament series will be holding its 10th event in 2014, and looking back on our history, we’re feeling proud and nostalgic at our contributions to the fighting game community. UFGT is the originator of multiple innovations at fighting game majors, including punch-clock proficient brackets, stream-supported mystery game tournaments, video-recorded panels, uniquely amazing trophies, inclusive auction tournaments, free door prizes, and the long-standing entertainment of Papa Keits’ carnival games. We’ve tried our best to grow the tournament alongside the Midwest fighting game scene, becoming a national attraction worthy of the finest players and spectators. Yet, as with all things, we also feel we’ve reached the zenith of what UFGT represents, and as a result, the climatic “X” will be our final event under the UFGT brand.

With this in mind, we’re going to try and put on the absolute best event we can, with returning excitements and improvements to our tournament festivities. If you have fond memories of UFGT, or a particular carnival game or a mystery tournament moment you can’t forget, please share them with us – we’re looking to give the people what they want. We hope you’ll enjoy UFGT one last time with us and make the finale one for the history books.

Let’s go out with a bang!

-Team UFGT (Adam Heart, Richard Thiher, and Max Wasserman)


About Keits

UFGT Director
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