Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom X – Special Rules Tournament

In addition to the usual, normal Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at UFGT10, you’ll also have the option to enter a second UMvC3 tournament with a special rule set.  We are calling it “UMvCX”.   You can enter both or either of these UMvC3 events… the choice is yours!

So, why the “X”?  What are these special rules? (To be clear, this is still UMvC3. It is not a modified or modded game, it just our name for this rule set.)

When you sign up for UMvCX, you are going to be asked to choose one character to “X out”.  Choose wisely, as you will not be able to change your choice at any time after signup.  When you are assigned to a 16 man pool of players at UFGT10, that pool is going to have a list of banned characters.  This list is made up of the “X’ed out” characters of everyone in your pool.  No one in your pool will be allowed to choose any of these characters for the duration of the pool.  The list will be on a whiteboard at your pool for easy reference.

Should you advance out of your pool and into a quarter or semi final pool, that pool will have a new ban list made up of the choices of the players in that bracket.  These choices will not have changed from when they signed up, but will come together to form a new list for you to work around.

So what do you do?  Do you ban Vergil, just to ensure you never have to play against him?  Or do you hope that someone else you end up pooled with chose to ban him and use your choice on something else?  If two or more players in the pool ban the same character, one of them wasted their choice!

We asked Brokentier’s Jay “Viscant” Snyder for his thoughts on UMvCX:

“This is going to be a really fun tournament due to the variety and no Vergil. The person who’s going to win this tournament is going to have to play at least 10 different non Vergil characters at a high level. And no Vergil. A normal Marvel tournament tests how strong your best team is, but now we’ll see who has the best plan B, C and D and Vergil won’t be on any of those! And what I really like best about this tournament? No excuses! And no Vergil.”

Are you ready, Marvel fans?  This one is going to knock your socks off!


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