Mystery Game Tournament Rule Update

For those unfamiliar, the Mystery Game Tournament is a special event in which every round of the tournament in every pool is actually played in a different game.  This means that every time you have a new opponent, you’ll be playing something new.

UFGTMysteryLOGO copy

The Mystery Game Tournament is, to us, a test of both your ability to quickly adapt and your arcane knowledge of random ass games.  The spirit of the tournament is quickly broken, however, by the use of smartphones and laptops, and coaching from friends.

As such, this year, Mystery Game players will need to agree not to use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops for the duration of their pool.  If you do use it, you will be given a loss in your upcoming match.  If you are already in losers, you will be eliminated.  While we can’t stop the crowd from shouting advice at the players, we do kindly ask that event attendees avoid direct coaching of the players.  Just enjoy the show!


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