Injustice Rule Updates

A few Injustice rule updates for you today concerning today’s patch, DLC characters, and stage selection.


At UFGT9, we will be using the 5/21/13 balance patch, and we will also allow Lobo in tournament play.  Batgirl will not be allowed in tournament play, but will be part of the Injustice Character Auction event.

Stage selection is a difficult issue, and a lot of players and regions have differing opinions on how to handle it.  For that reason, we’ve decided to “play it as is”, so to speak, and just use the rules presented in the game itself to govern this.  This means that both players get to choose a stage and the game will 50/50 between them each time.   I personally don’t view this as ideal, but it will help to avoid confusion from players and keep the tournament moving on schedule.

Injustice has a huge turnout at UFGT9, and we can’t wait to see how the tournament plays out.




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