Win a Chunk of that Radical Rock, the UFGT Crag!

Behold!  He who rises above all challengers and ascends to the highest peak of the UFGT Crag can take home his or her very own piece of this radical rock.  1st place finishers in the following games will hold this glowing 18″ trophy above their heads in victory, and have it always as a reminder of their conquest.

-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
-Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Ver 2012
-Street Fighter x Tekken
-Tekken Tag Tournament 2
-King of Fighters XIII
-Persona 4 Arena
-Mystery Game Tournament

Additionally, two chunks of the rock will be given away in our raffles.  Come get it.

Untitled drawing (12)


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UFGT Director
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