UFGT9: Stank Police Strikes Back

UFGT9 is an NSZ (a No Stank Zone). See the jolly fellow pictured below?  His name is Jordan, and he is the Stank Police.  With his ammo belt covered in deodorant, he will sniff out funk and advise it to check itself before it wrecks everyone’s nostrils.

Stank Police made UFGT8 a much nicer place for everyone, so be advised of the following;

Each morning, take a shower, brush your teeth, put on deodorant, wear a clean shirt, and wash your hands after a bathroom visit.  If you choose not to, the Stank Police may very well be handing you free deodorant samples on the ballroom floor and calling you out on your hygiene in front of everyone.  How embarrassing!

You have been warned.


About Keits

UFGT Director
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