Ultimate Fighting GOLF Tournament and the 1st Hole Revealed

In honor of UFGT‘s 9th year I went a little crazy and built 9 holes of table top golf.  Get ready for a series of posts revealing details about the ULTIMATE FIGHTING GOLF TOURNAMENT! 

Believe me, this was a big project and I can’t wait to share it to you.  Each 2 foot square hole has a unique theme and rests seperately on it’s own table.  Like traditional mini-golf, players will compete against each other as they move from table to table.  But instead of golf balls, you’ll play by rolling quarters past diabolical obstacles, sand traps and more!  Some of the holes have their own mini-games and rules that will make playing even more interesting!  And if you and your friends want to bend the rules… knock yourself out!

Just have fun.  That’s what UFGT9 is all about! 


The 1st hole of our Ultimate Fighting GOLF Tournament is FINAL FRONTIER.  It features a rocket with brightly colored lights flashing from it’s rear engine.  There’s also a trail of raised stars you have to navigate through to reach the black hole.  You and your opponents can practice launching your quarters on a playing surface as vast as space before you start your journey.  Provided golf club shaped ramps can be tilted up and down as well as angled to the left or right…  giving players a way to control speed and trajectory.

My next door neighbors saw all 9 holes as I was putting the game together in my studio. They tried it and liked it so much that they begged to borrow it for one of their game parties.

More information the quarter golf club launchers and other holes will be coming soon.  It’s the Ultimate Fighting GOLF Tournament and it’s only at UFGT9!

Ultiimate Fighting GOLF Tournament hole 1

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