UFGT9 Preliminary Schedule Released, Character Auctions Announced

The following preliminary schedule is subject to change, but should give you a pretty fair idea of what to expect.  Remember that ALL titles may be forced to start as early as 12 noon on Friday May 24th if attendance warrants it.

UFGT9 Preliminary Schedule

You’ll also notice that we’ve listed two Character Auction events to take place this year.  The first is the return of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, by far our most popular Auction game.  The second is the curve-ball    We’ll be doing a classic character auction in Marvel vs Capcom 2!  In both titles, you’ll be bidding on a set team of three characters we pre-chosen assists!  Creativity and adaptation will be tested in these Single Game, Single Elim events.

We do have a new rule for the auction events this year.  Button checks in these are costing us too much time, so we will be restricting the auction tournaments to a set of Mad Catz sticks with “arcade default” controls.  No button checks allowed.  Just sit down and play.

UMvC3 “Arcade Default”
S A1 A2

MvC2 “Arcade Default”


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