If you’re new to UFGT, we want to welcome you and explain a little more about something you won’t see at any other fighting game competition… our FUN & GAMES area.  Super Balrog Ball, Kombat 21 and Divekick (among other games) have been created to give you something to do during your down time.  Our games are popular for a number of reasons…

1) You never play against the house.  These are head-to-head games involving 2 to 6 players.  Grab friends and compete.  They’re fun to watch and even more fun to play.

2) Games only cost one dollar to play with winners every time.   Every player gets at least one raffle ticket per play, even on a loss.  Those raffle tickets can get you some mighty fine stuff, including arcade sticks and an Infinity Gauntlet!  Top winners get an additional raffle ticket and PRIZE POINTS to spend at the INFINITY TOON TOWN SHOPPE.  Everyone wins!

3) The shoppe is stocked with wonderful items and collectables you might like for yourself or to take home as a gift for someone special.

4) If you have any worries about game rules, forget it!  Simply ask your hosts Anna, Steve & Papa Keits (Jonathan).  Their easy-to-understand instructions and friendly attitudes will make your gaming experience entertaining and enjoyable.  You’ll be glad you brought along a few extra dollars for the FUN & GAMES area… a unique fighting game competition feature that can only be found at UFGT8!

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