Last Chance to Pre-Register for UFGT8

There is just under 1 hour left for you to pre-register for UFGT8.  While Emergency Registration at the door is still an option after today, you should make yourself aware of why you should avoid Emergency Registration at all costs.

  • Pre-Registrants are entered into the Door Prize raffle, where over a dozen arcade sticks are being given away, at no charge.  That’s right!  Free raffle entry!
  • Pre-Registrants will be seeded and scheduled into pools with attention to detail for region.  We know that no one travels to a large event to play their training buddies, and Pre-Registrants even have a chance to view the pools before they become final to ensure that we didn’t make any mistakes.
  • Emergency Registrants will not be seeded at all, and will simply be dropped into an empty slot in one of the pre-made pools.  On top of that, each tournament will have a cap on its entries after Pre-Registration closes, and should a bracket completely fill, no additional at-the-door entries will be allowed.  We plan very carefully to avoid hitting these caps, but they are in place so that we can run a smooth, on-time event no matter what, and we will enforce this rule.  On top of all this, it costs $10 more.

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UFGT Director
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