I promised to reveal a surprise in my previous post and here it is…

Last year I hand-painted a table and wall clock for UFGT7.  Those prizes were popular enough that Keits asked me to do it again this year.  He didn’t know untill now, but for the last two days I’ve been channeling EPIC MICKEY by flinging my paint brush at these two chairs… splattering them with vivid colors.  (They turned out so well that I’m considering painting two more to keep for myself!)

Even though the chairs fold, I realize some of you might have a problem transporting them home.  So, I’m making this a separate raffle you can enter with the tickets you win in the FUN & GAMES area.  Signed and dated by Papa Keits, I’m confident you’ll want these one-of-a-kind chairs when you see them on display at this year’s exciting event.

After the last DIVEKICK button has been pushed… After the last BALROG BALL has been played… After the last K.O. has been delivered… Picture yourself holding a tall glass of milk with your INFINITY GAUNTLET glove, eating delicious chocolate chip cookies from the CHAUNCY TIN you got at the TOONTOWN SHOPPE and relaxing in your own UFGT8 ADIRONDACK CHAIR! 

Life is sweet!

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