For THE ONE TRUE shirts

Thursday night before UFGT8‘s official tournaments get underway, Keits and The Hadou will be presenting a special DIVEKICK exhibition featuring your first chance to win one of the super-limited-edition Dive or Kick T-Shirts! These exhibition matches will be pitting 2 random players against each-other, both of whom will have signed up promptly during UFGT8‘s emergency registration hours on Thursday, May 24th, in a dramatic effort to DIVEKICK their way into some new apparel. Player selection for these exhibition matches will be decided by drawing from the UFGT8 auction hat of fairness, and the winning player will get a DIVEKICK T-shirt matching their selected character. The losing player will get something as well, the salty privilege of purchasing the winner his character tee! Exhibition entry is $25, but if your skill proves powerful enough you will get both your entry fee back and a brand new DIVEKICK T-shirt upon victory!

Both Dive and Kick shirts feature colorful character illustrations and the DIVEKICK logo, and are printed with special water-based inks on premium Next Level shirts.

Exhibition details:

  • $25 to sign up during UFGT8‘s emergency registration hours Thursday May 24th only, and choose your side; Team Dive or Team Kick
  • Arrive for DIVEKICK festivities
  • One name will be drawn from each UFGT8 auction hat before each match, one player for Team Dive and one for Team Kick
  • Begin a 3 out of 5 exhibition against your randomly selected opponent
  • DIVEKICK repeatedly
  • Win and receive your $25 entry plus a new DIVEKICK T-Shirt
  • or Lose, and frown widely as you watch your entry fee purchase your opponent a new DIVEKICK T-Shirt
  • Either way, taunt others with having played DIVEKICK before they did. Seriously, having done so will make you special.

So come pay the iron price, discover your allegiance, and get in on some DIVEKICK greatness.

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