PEZ Please

PEZ candy was invented as a breath mint in Austria in 1927.  The dispenser was introduced in 1949.  In the late 1950’s characters like Popeye and Mickey Mouse were introduced.  The first PEZ collector convention was held in 1991.  Star Wars, the most popular character assortment, was introduced in the late 1990’s.  And recently I was in a museum with an impressive display of hundreds of PEZ containers.

UFGT8 is happy to announce the INFINITY TOON TOWN SHOPPE will be offering a wide assortment of collectible PEZ.  They include Disney and Marvel characters, as well as giant PEZ that make sounds when you open them.  There’s also a Lord of the Rings Set, Santa Claus, Hello Kitty, glow-in-the-dark models, and many, many more.

We’ll be offering candy dispensers modeled after Mario, Yoshi, and Wii controllers.  We also have a  Darth Vader dispenser that breathes when you open it!  The big kid in all of us will love winning these fun and delicious collectables at UFGT8!

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