As you may have heard, there are two more games available for play this year on the re-vamped SUPER BALROG BALL table.  Here’s more detail about one of them…

PACBALL starts with six ghosts.  One by one, players will capture them until there’s only one ghost left.  Capturing that last ghost is very important, because that’s the one that wins the game!  Even though you win by capturing the last one, the more ghosts you capture, the more powerful you become, because every ghost you capture gives you an extra roll on your next turn!

Winning is not as simple as it sounds.  Cool action cards replace captured ghosts and make the game very tricky.  PACBALL is mega fun because it requires a cunning strategy and has great replay-ability.  Even Keits liked it!  That’s saying a lot!

I’m very proud of this game.  I created it as a tribute to an important and iconic video game character.  I think you’re gonna love PACBALL.

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