Three Exciting Raffles at UFGT8 – Details on (mostly free) Entry

At UFGT8, we love giving stuff away.  As such, we run a number of raffles each year.  But what sets a UFGT8 raffle apart from the usual?

In a typical raffle, you pay cash to buy tickets.  A small number of prizes are given to people who have winning tickets.  While winning prizes is cool and all, we feel that paying for tickets isn’t all that fun.  Also, we give away more than just a few prizes.  Read on for details on all three of our amazing raffles.

The Door Prize Raffle

Did you pre-register for UFGT8, or sign up using emergency registration at the door?  If so, you are already part of the Door Prize Raffle.  When you check in to pick up your event badge, you’ll be given your raffle ticket.  Hold onto it, because a ton of expensive goodies are being given away in this raffle, including a precious UFGT8 Infinity Gauntlet!

The Fun & Games Raffle

This is the closest thing we have to a “cash raffle”, because tickets can only be obtained by playing any of our Fun & Games Corner games.  Win or lose at Super Balrog Ball, Pac-Ball, Poker Ball, Kombat 21, or two unannounced games, and receive tickets for simply having a great time.  As a bonus, winning Fun & Games titles gives you an additional raffle ticket AND Infinity Prize Points, which can be redeemed at any time for one of the 500+ prizes in our Toon Town Shoppe.   Hold on to those tickets, and get as many as you can, because a ton of incredible items are being given away in this raffle, including a precious UFGT8 Infinity Gauntlet!

NEW: The Panel Raffle

When you decide to check out one of our awesome community panels this year at UFGT8, you’ll be given a special pass at the start of the show.  If you stay to the end of the panel, you can redeem this pass on the way out of the door for a Panel Raffle Ticket.  Hold on to those tickets, because this raffle is also filled with awesome arcade sticks and controllers.

Three ways to win big just for enjoying yourself?  This is UFGT8.


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