Panels: For Knowledge is Power

If knowledge worth having is defined by the experience it takes to get it then UFGT8‘s final grouping of panels are creme de la creme offerings for the studious fighting fan. Whether its technical mechanics and behind the scenes secrets, what it means to struggle towards perfection, or where you end and a legacy begins, these panels offer you intimate insight into lives shaped by a love of fighting games. Without further delay though, I’m proud to present our final UFGT8 panels.

The Wong Factor – A History of Fundamentals

What does it mean to have defined your life by the practice of joystick motions? Come listen to an American master discuss how basic fundamentals can carry you from game to game. Listen to Justin recount a storied personal history showcasing the importance of understanding the game and reading an opponent. Find out what it takes to overcome the pitfalls of loss and the ego trappings of victory. Most importantly, though, find out how these attributes, and the experience of playing opponents the world over, have kept Justin Wong one of the most consistently amazing players or our generation. Hosted by EG | Justin Wong and mediated by a special guest.
Features a brief lecture and live Q&A with the hosts.

Players are only half of what keeps the fighting game community alive and well, though, so please join us for a never-before-seen opportunity to discuss and reflect on what makes a fighting game sustainable in the modern era with UFGT8‘s co-headlining panel.

Third Strike Online – GGPO & Reviving a Classic

A special look behind-the-scenes of game development with the man behind Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition‘s existence,  Iron Galaxy Studios CEO Dave Lang. Find out what it was like for Lang and company to work with Capcom on reviving one of the most important fighting games of all time. Discover what it took for Iron Galaxy Studios to implement the highly requested GGPO net-code into the console version of an arcade classic. Ask what it would take to see more classics become adapted for the digital marketplace. Most of all come revel in the passion of a company ensuring our genre’s historic games make it into our playable future.
Features a behind-the-scenes lecture and live Q&A with the host.

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