A Super SUPER BALROG BALL Update – Super Attacks

Last year, I made BALROG BALL from stuff I had in my house.  It was a little crude, but the game itself became an instant hit.  I really appreciate all of the positive comments you guys made last year.  As a way to say THANK YOU, I’ve redesigned the playing field.  It’s now larger and covered with plexiglass for better control when it’s your turn to kick ass.  But there’s also another upgrade you need to know about.

Now, let’s say you’re playing a game of SUPER BALROG BALL and you’ve lost quite a bit of life.  If only you had three balls to roll on your next turn, you could probably turn the game around completely in your favor.  With this year’s new SUPER BALROG BALL CARD you’ll have the power you need to come from behind and crush your opponent in a humiliating victory.  And who wouldn’t love to do that?

Personally, I think UFGT elevates the usual game competition to a fun, welcoming party atmosphere… a place to make new friends and a memorable experience.  It’s creeping up fast.  I hope you guys are making plans.

Papa Keits signing off for now.

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