Panels For Upping Your Game

Expertise can be learned most efficiently with the insight of veterans who, through combat or study, have mastered the same skills you are developing. Knowing that truth, UFGT8 has set up a pair of panels designed to heighten your knowledge of fighting games and their techniques. At UFGT, we want to get you on the fastest path to becoming a fighting game champion! So take some time out of the busy tournament weekend to learn some fundamentals and strategy with the following panels!

Drive Cancel: An introduction to KOFXIII

Discover what separates the King of Fighters series from the current crop of fighting games, and specifically what those differences mean to players with a Street Fighter based background. Find out what struggles your host, the always lively DMGxMCZ | Juicebox Abel, faced when transitioning into a world without input leniency, how he adapted to suddenly having 4 jump arcs, and just what it takes to perform those flashy HD combos. If that’s not enough, be ready to take a deeper look into the KOFXIII world with Juicebox’s co-host, vVv | Romance, as he discusses the strengths and quirks of the KOFXIII cast. If you were looking for a good way to expand your knowledge of KOFXIII from 2 of the game’s most prominent personalities, look no further than this panel.
Panel features a brief lecture, game demonstration, and live Q&A with the hosts.

Completing our pair of announcements today will be a panel dedicated to a game play style all modern players must understand to succeed.

The Art of Lame – A Study in Defensive Play

Come join your hosts, BT | Dieminion and FC | NYChrisG, for an exploration of defensive play, what it means to “play lame,” and the community stigma often attached to the style. Pick the brains of 2 men who have taken Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in a direction previously unfathomed and discover how they made defense an offensive strategy. Finally, discuss how an understanding of defensive strategies applies to any and all fighting games. If that’s not enough though, get your chance to ask the normally rush-down orientated ChrisG all about FireBrand.
Panel features a brief lecture, game demonstration, and live Q&A with the hosts.

There are still more panel announcements coming soon. So prepare for more gaming insight, more people whose words are worth listening too, and a few more purple title bars in the next week.

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