Pre-Game Show – Special Exhibition – Thursday May 24th at 8PM CST

Today’s announcement is rare, as it is not for UFGT8 attendees and is aimed squarely at the stream viewer.  Yeah, I’m thinking of you, too.

Thursday night, May 24th, at about 8pm CST, the UFGT8 Pre-Game Show will go on the air, courtesy of Level|Up.   This isn’t a sports style run-down of the impending event, however.  Our Pre-Game Show is an insane exhibition between nine players you know and love, testing the true depth of their game knowledge and ability to adapt and execute.

A completely unique experience awaits you, viewer!  So join us May 24th at 8PM CST to see Alex Valle, NerdJosh, Chauncy “TRU” Talon, Floe, Justin Wong, Juicebox, Alex Jebailey, Ultradavid, and TheBranten throw down in this epic, insane, and spiteful event.  The only rule I can announce right now?  Trash talk is highly encouraged.


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