Here Come The Panels

Hopefully by now you’ve come across the news that UFGT8 is expanding beyond tournament norms with an entire day of community panels. If somehow that news has escaped you though, let me re-iterate it; UFGT8 has community panels! The best part though is that there isn’t a single panel that will bore you. With each panel carefully developed by sleep-deprived FGC diehards, and each one featuring lively host personalities, I can guarantee that there is something on the Saturday, May 26th itinerary that will entertain you.

Over the next week I’ll be announcing the specifics of each panel, starting today with our opening and closing features.

First up is one of the two headlining panels UFGT8 has cooked up for you in TeamSpooky – the Man behind the Hype, featuring the one and only streamer extraordinaire, Sp00ky!

Come join Sp00ky himself as he regales you with tales of success and woe from his long history as the King of Poverty. Discover what it takes to stream a major tournament event, what compels Sp00ky to travel around the country on our behalf, and get the opportunity to ask the streaming master about his thoughts on the FGC, e-sports, and beyond.
Panel features a brief lecture and live Q&A.

But long before Sp00ky takes the stage you can start out your day with CEOxNOS Alex Jebailey and Level|Up’s Alex Valle in Local Community Building – Bringing Players Together. In this opening panel you can discover how to market and develop your local scene and tournaments from two of the nation’s finest promoters. So come get answers to those tough scene development questions, decipher what is behind Jebailey’s trolling smile, learn how Wednesday Night Fights became such a juggernaut, and wake up with some valuable community knowledge.
Panel features a brief lecture and live Q&A.

More panel announcements are being revealed shortly, so check back soon for the next pairing of all-new panel reveals.

[Images via Protocol Snow and Alex Jebailey]

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