Guilty Gear Accent Core Side Tournament at UFGT8

Information from Klaige;

I know there aren’t many Guilty Gear heads that hang out at SRK these days, but I wanted to post up and let everyone know that Keits has graciously given me permission to get a GGXX:AC side tournament going at UFGT8. Here is the lowdown for entry and rules (it’s the standard stuff you would expect)

PS2 version: Usual tournament rules apply
No Ex, Gold, Console Only Characters.
2 out of 3 rounds.
Double Elim
10$ entry (However you must be registered for UFGT8 and have a tournament badge to participate).

I will have at least a couple setups, but anyone who can provide extra’s would be much appreciated. I can’t knock anything off the venue fee if you bring one since it is a side tournament, but I will gladly buy you a beer at the bar if you help make this run smoother.

I am not certain yet what time the tournament will be run, but right now it would appear early Sunday morning is the most likely time. If that time is going to make it more difficult for people to show up, I need you to pipe up now so I can try to work with Keits to see if we can fit it in a different time slot.

If you are an old GG midwest head, or you’ve been looking for a chance to check out the game at a big major then this will be your chance. I really encourage people to check this out, it’s always fun to see the game run at Frosty Faustings, but one midwest GG major a year just isn’t enough, so I’d love to see a solid turnout for this. If you are hitting up UFGT8 and are interested in entering, please post up your name here so I can get a headcount and have a better idea of the space and time we will need to pull this off. Thanks and I hope to see you all at UFGT. Also once I have more concrete details on the time slot I will let you all know. Feel free to post any questions you have in here or shoot me a PM


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