Chindogg Is Ready for UFGT8!!

Hey there everyone, TuboWare here. With UFGT8 only a mere 5 months away, Chindogg gave me a few moments of his time to talk about his experiences at last years Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7. So, lets jump right in!

TuboWare: Hey Chindogg, let me start by saying thanks for your time. How’s it going tonight?

Chindogg: No worries. I’m doing well.

TW: Awesome! So to give everyone a little background about yourself, where are you from and how far did you travel to get to UFGT7?

CD: I currently reside in Saginaw, Michigan and traveled two hours to a train station in East Lansing to take a five hour ride to the event in Northbrook.

TW: Wow, that’s a really long way. I like the dedication! How long have you been competitively playing fighting games?

CD: Christ now I have to think about how far back my first tournament was…

TW: No rush, take your time.

CD: I have been playing fighting games casually since Street Fighter 2 but my first competitive tournaments were in MvC1 and Tekken 3, so that’s around 97-98? So roughly about 15 years as a competitor in my local scenes.

TW: Any big wins you want to mention?

CD: My best placing was second place at Time-Out (formerly Aladdin’s Castle) in Tekken 4. It was that day I learned the power of Steve and Jin, man that game was rough. I’ve never really made a large dent in the national scene but hope to have some kind of showing this year at UFGT8.

TW: Speaking of UFGT, what did you enter at UFGT7?

CD: I entered the Marvel vs Capcom 3 team tournament with Zerp and PJ (Justice League International) and the Marvel vs Capcom 3 auction.

TW: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 auction? Want to elaborate on that?

CD: The auction tournaments are one of the many unique highlights of UFGT. For MvC3, there were premade teams with pre-selected assists drawn randomly in a hat. Those teams were then bid on by the potential competitors. UFGT also had an amazing auction for Super Street Fighter 4 where one competitor won Blanka’s bid for $42. It was absolutely amazing stuff.

TW: Yea, and if I remember correctly, the $42 Blanka had to play NerdJosh, who only paid $3 for Ibuki, and he lost!

CD: So true. Auction tournaments are the best.

TW: Moving on, how much did you enjoy UFGT7 last year? What did you think about the venue and location?

CD: UFGT7 was one of my highlights of the year. The venue is fantastic with sleep number beds in every room and the location is not far from the train station which will take you everywhere around the Chicago area.

TW: Awesome! Nothing like a good night sleep when you need your energy for a long day of video games! What is your best memory from UFGT7?

CD: I have so many great memories from UFGT7. Just being able to rejoin all my friends that are so far away and meeting awesome new friends in this fantastic community. There’s no separation between top player and hungry newbie. There are no celebrities. We all come to one location to revel in our passion for fighting games. Regardless of who you are, you’re treated like one of a family of players from all around the world. Those are the memories I’ll hold dearest.

TW: Well, with an answer like that I think I already have an idea, but what excites you most about UFGT8?

CD: Seeing everyone old and new returning once again to play, talk trash, rekindle old rivalries, and renew old friendships. With new revisions to AE2012 and UMvC3, the return of the classic arcade cabinet versions of Vampire Savior, Super Turbo, and possibly 3S, and the amazing new games in Soul Calibur 5, King of Fighters 13, Skullgirls, and Street Fighter x Tekken, I’m excited for the mix of old and new. The return of the Mystery Game Tournament! Just what can Murphagator’s diabolical mind come up with to torture Floe this year? The auction tournaments! Who’s ready for some $80 Rolento in SFxT? And who can forget about all the crazy games like Street Fighter 21 and Balrog Ball possibly returning, or perhaps even newer games joining the fray? All in all I’m just looking forward to seeing my friends again, because that’s what UFGT and the community is all about.

TW: Alright Chindogg, sounds good. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again too. Thanks for your time and good luck at UFGT8 on May 25-27th in Chicago, IL!!


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