Question of the Day – Casual Play and Spectators

Efo asks: “I am signing up to compete but a few of my friends are not. The others who are not competing want to know what they can do besides just play casual games or watch the tournament because they do not feel like paying the venue fee to just watch others and play. Is there any other things included with the price of just the venue fee?”

Hey Efo, great questions.  First of all, you only have to pay full price for the Venue fee if you are playing in tournaments.  Players who only wish to play casuals can pay the Casuals Only venue fee of only 10 dollars.  Spectation is free, but if you want to game in the venue, you need an event badge, which means paying a venue fee.

Anyone who pays for a full venue fee, however, will be automatically entered into the main raffle.  Sunday evening, during finals, a ton of great prizes (and gag gifts) will be given away to raffle winners.


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