More on the Mystery Tournament

Today I hope to clear up a few more things about the Mystery Game Tournament.

First off, the event will be capped at 128 players. This will be applied in a first come first serve basis, so make sure to jump on registration once it is up!

Second, the event will be run as pool play. There will be 8 total pools of 16 players each, with 4 pools running on each of Friday and Saturday. The 16 players who advance out of pools will play additional rounds at the end of Saturday to pair down to 8. The remaining 8 will play off in the Grand Finals on Sunday. A full schedule of pools will be posted at a later date, but because of the nature of setups for this event it is important that participants know their pool ahead of time show up at the proper times.

Pool play also offers some challenges with regard to game selection. Because the pools will run at staggered times, players in later pools would be able to watch and see what games are in what round. So, each pool will have its own game list. While games may be run multiple times in different pools, no two pools will be alike, and no one will play the same game twice. At the time of writing, there are over 100 unique games being considered!

Due to concerns created from the event at MWC last year, players will not be paired with each other and made to play team games.

We also had some interest in money matches for certain games ran at the event last year. No time is going to be allotted for this, but if extra time is available between pools then we will allow it.

Lastly, controllers. All controllers will be provided for this event. Personal equipment will not be allowed, even for modern consoles. This rule has two purposes; one being to keep things fair for all entrants, and second to prevent button remapping from causing delays.

I hope this clears up all of the questions you might have about the event.

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