Question of the Day – Bring Your Own Console Area

Damien asks; “Will there be a “bring your own console” type room as well for casuals and unofficial tournaments? If so, do you have to bring your own TV as well? If not, what are the rules/limits as to how much time can be used on the TVs provided? Thank you.”

Hi Damien, thanks for your question.  Yes, there will be a “byoc” type room for casuals.  I do not like to allow unofficial tournaments, as I’d rather run them with my own staff to make sure they do not conflict with my event’s schedule.  If you let us know which game(s) you were thinking about running side tournaments for soon, we may be able to make them officially run tournaments.

The number of TVs available should be high, but it is always helpful to bring your own if you can.  Otherwise, the limitations of use in the BYOC room will be based on courtesy.  If you and one guy are playing a game with no one waiting in line to challenge you, while 8 people wait in line for another station featuring a different game, you may want to give your TV up to them for a little while.  There are no official rules for this room’s use, but if an issue comes up, you can find me or MURPH and we will try to make a decision for you.

If you bring a TV that we end up using, you will be entered in the donor’s raffle and could win some nice prizes!  I hope this answered your question.


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