FULL UFGT10 Results for EVERY Game and Photo Galleries

Check out Shoryuken’s full, detailed results for UFGT10.

Also be sure to check out Old Abbot’s photo gallery!

NEW: Check out FaceTimePolice’s gallery!




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UFGT10 Ballroom Setup and Volunteer Training Today!

While tomorrow is the first day of UFGT10 for most of you, for some of us it starts today.  If you’d like to assist us with setting up the ballrooms, we will begin at 2pm.  If you’d like to volunteer to help run pools, please be in the ballrooms at 10pm tonight for training and scheduling.  We need your help to make the final UFGT the best it can be.  See you there!


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CyberPower Sponsors UFGT10

UFGT-Banner_CyberPowerLO-RESUFGT has long held itself as an event that cares about innovation and improvement, trying to push for precision and perfection in every aspect of our tournament series. Even with this year’s finale we are attempting to take the devil out of the details, and thus you’re likely to see an unfamiliar logo among the 2014 event supporters.

CyberPower Systems manufactures high quality power devices, including surge protectors, mobile charging devices, power distribution units, and our favorite for the year, battery back-ups. CyberPower is looking to help us regulate and control the power mishaps seemingly so common at tournament events, by providing every-single-one of the UFGTX pools and stages with a battery back-up power supply. So regardless of whether a venue has irregular power, has equipment power spike, or we see lightning strike the building on account of a foolish TO cosplaying as Black Adam, CyberPower’s products will keep us in the game. So take note of them as you play through the tournament this weekend, as the products you see on our tables may be the security you’re missing from your setup at home.

UFGT is proud to have CyberPower products throughout our event venue, and is looking forward to seeing the impact they make.

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Final Pool Directory Available – UFGT10:X Starts Friday!

Click here to see our final pool directory.  Locate your name on the left to see what pools you are in.  The letters are time codes (for instance, all B letter pools start at 3pm Friday).  The numbers are locations (check out map to see where each number for each game takes place).  You must check into your pool 10 minutes before it starts, or you risk being disqualified. We will not wait for you or call your name.  Know where you are supposed to be and when to be there, and if you have questions, ask our friendly staff.

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Free BaraBariBall Tournament at UFGT10!

From No Quarter to EVO 2012 to UFGTX, BaraBariBall is the sports fighting game that mixes a bunch of Smash Brothers, a chunk of Street Fighter, a dash of Marvel, a dollop of Lethal League and a bit of Dragon Ball Z. In other words, it’s familiar but unlike anything you’ve played before! Come by and check it out, participate in the free tournament, or battle the developers for prizes all weekend at UFGT.

Free play / beat the devs: all day Friday
Tournament begins: 12pm, Saturday
Top 8: 4:30pm, Sunday (stream by nobodyexe)


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2nd Pass Tentative Pool Assignments, Subject to Change

Please read this entire paragraph before checking your tentative pool assignments.

The 2nd pass of tentative pool assignments are now available.  Click here to download the PDF. These are SUBJECT TO CHANGE, and will be made final on Wednesday, May 21st around 10am CST. If you checked your assignments already, please check them again as many of you have moved. You have until then to let us know if you see any problems.

A valid problem is “I’m in the same pool as my training partner” or “I have overlapping pool assignments.”  If you have these kinds of issues, contact @TheKeits on twitter.  If your issue is something like “I want to play on Saturday instead of Friday” or “I don’t want to fight against Justin Wong,” we won’t be able to help you.

A huge thanks goes out to all 845 of you that pre-registered.  If you missed out, you can join the tournament during Emergency Registration hours only.  If you want to add more games to your schedule, you can also do so during Emergency Registration hours.

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Get Work Done – Modder’s Corner at UFGTX and Prizes!

UFGT10 is proud to welcome Gum Mods and Phreakmods back to the event this year.  Stop by the Modder’s Corner to get modifications, such as dual console functionality, added to your favorite device!  Additionally, one lucky winner in each of our three raffles will take home this UFGT10:X custom stick.  Good luck!



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