UFGT X Schedule:

Coming early May!

42 Responses to Schedule

  1. dreryu says:

    I don’t see SC5 on the Schedule anywhere. Is it going be there? Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Keits says:

      This says *extremely clearly* that it is UFGT7′s schedule and that UFGT8′s schedule will be available later.

      You don’t see SCV because it is from last year’s event.

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  3. Leeds says:

    “Thursday May 26th” is this 2012? because it would be the 24 if it is this month….

  4. TJCOMBO says:

    damn do you really have to be a dick about it? This is the reason y i don’t like this guy or the fighting game community!

    • Keits says:

      I answer every question as quickly as possible, even when the answer is right there on a website I work very hard to maintain for you guys to make it easy to answer your own questions. Please take the time to read first.

  5. KeitsFanBoy says:

    Keits for president

  6. bwaha says:


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  8. phoenix24x says:

    I don’t see my name anywhere. I reg’d for AE and umvc3 as phoenix24x

    • Keits says:

      There was a glitch when importing your registration to our system. Thanks to you alerting me, I was able to fix it very quickly. Your name will be on the Pool Assignments PDF when I revise for the first time tomorrow evening. Until then, you are in SSF4 pool C4, UMvC3 pool H1, and KoF pool G1.

      Sorry about that! See you soon.

  9. VictoR says:

    Do I have to come for emergency registration on friday? me and my friend are going to register for tekken 6 at emergency registration but we wont make it at 12? Please reply

    • Keits says:

      I’m forced to assume you are asking because you didn’t pre-register. You need to sign up for Tekken 6 at the emergency registration area a solid hour or more before the FIRST pool for Tekken 6 starts. The earlier, the better. Emergency registration is cash only. It costs $50 and then $10 per game.

  10. Dannkk says:

    I see my name on the pool directory, but shows me not registered for any games. Should be entered in SF4 and SFxT.

    • Keits says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the glitch preventing your pool assignments from appearing, Dannkk. Those updates wont appear on the pool chart until I update it tonight, but for now, your assignments are:
      SSF4 Pool G2
      SFxT Pool I1

      Again, thanks for letting me know super quickly.

  11. DaRealSteven says:

    What is a character auction?

  12. Koolaid5555 says:

    I don’t see my name on the pool directory name koolaid5555 email used to register signed up for SFxT and Mystery.

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  14. Mr. K says:

    I think it says I’m from Michigan because I typed in Missouri and not MO.

  15. DaRealSteven says:

    Im in the SSFIVAE2012 tournament do I just show up for friday’s 7:00 tournament or do i have to check in earlier (i plan to actually show up at 6pm)

  16. DaRealSteven says:

    Wait nevermind i just read the rules 15 minutes before pools begin my bad

  17. Brett824 says:

    Can I emergency register for additional tournaments I didn’t register for when I pre-registered? I only registered for UMvC3 when I signed up because my purse strings were a little tight, but now I want to register for more.

  18. phoenix24x says:

    I remember you mentioning this once, how many people are able to sign up for the free VF5 tournament? And when does that sign up starts?

    • Keits says:

      64 person limit. Signup during check in hours / emergency registration. Just ask when you check in and if there are slots left you’ll get one.

  19. koolaid5555 says:

    Are spectators allowed to come or is there a price for spectators? As for setting up if you guys need help I’ll be more than happy to come. I don’t live far.

    Dustin V

  20. Leebee says:

    Oi Keits,

    I don’t seem to be in the player pool list. My name is Leebee from DC(although I realize now MD would be more accurate (sorry, first time registering for a tourney with location-seeding)), with the email I registered for KOF, Divekick!, and BaraBariBall.


  21. Brett fiedler says:

    Myself and a friend just registered and would like to compete, but both of us are not able to make it until Saturday. can we still compete in SFAE and Tekken Tag 2?

    • Keits says:

      As the checkbox you must agree to during registation and rules page say, all pools start as early as noon on Friday. We cannot give preferential pool placement to anyone, so if you wont be there on Friday I’m afraid its just a roll of a dice. This has been a full 3 day event for the past 3 years now.

  22. Steven Oath says:

    hey i was wondering what pool i am in for tekken i go b SCA\\s9-Oath im booking my flight today and it looks like i will get there alittle after 1pm on the 24th hopefully its a later pool

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