Skullgirls at UFGT9 and CEO 2013

The EVO 8th game donation drive is over, and what a ride it was!  Many predicted that Super Smash Bros Melee would take the top spot and earn a slot at EVO 2013.  What almost no one saw coming was the insane dollar amount reached, and the insane competition between Melee and Skullgirls.  This showed us that there are a lot more people out there rooting for Skullgirls than we thought, so we are pleased to announced that both UFGT9 and CEO 2013 will be adding Skullgirls to the official game lineup.  This way, at least a little, both communities win!  Thank you all so much for making EVO’s donation drive such a success!



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6 Responses to Skullgirls at UFGT9 and CEO 2013

  1. DevilForger432 says:


  2. TaxExemption says:

    Totally going! Even though we lost the EVO fundraiser, we made a clear and loud statement that Skullgirls is here to stay and we as a community love and support it!

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  4. Longfellow says:

    As a Melee player, I was super impressed by the efforts of Skullgirls at the Evo drive and I’m delighted to see it help your community. I plan to try my hand at the game :)

  5. MissFortune210 says:

    I love SG and this is great news:]
    Curious though.. why is smash not included also? It won afterall..

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