Street Fighter X Tekken Gets $250 Pot Bonus

Community member Julian “Thancruz” Irwin has generously donated $250 dollars to the prize pool for Street Fighter X Tekken at UFGT10!  He wanted to do this as a send off for UFGT, noting that “the SFxT community might not be the biggest, but we try our best to do what we can for our game. I hope this will light a fire under some of the competition!”

Thancruz himself can’t make it out to UFGT this year, but his support is greatly appreciated by the entire UFGT staff.



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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Playtest and Tournament at UFGT10

Capcom, as part of the the Capcom Pro Tour, has agreed to bring a near final console version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 to UFGT10!  This preview playtest will be accompanied by a full double elimination USF4 tournament run by the UFGT staff. 

As a special part of this USF4 tournament, we’re looking to encourage people to play the five new characters: Hugo, Poison, Rolento, Elena, and Decapre. To do this, UFGT will be awarding $100 to the five people who make it furthest in the tournament using each of the five new characters. In order to be one of these fortunate 5 players, you have to lock yourself in to one of the new characters when your USF4 pool starts. Play anybody else and you’re out of the running for the bonus money.


Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be added to our registration page shortly.  If you already registered, you’ll have to contact me directly (admin at onetruegame dot com) in order to add it to your existing registration.

When I ran Midwest Championships in 2010, it was fortunate enough to be the very first large Super Street Fighter 4 tournament in the United States. Now, UFGT10 is going to be one of the last big Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 tournaments AND one of the first big Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournaments. It definitely feels like things have come full circle. We hope you’ll join us in Chicago from May 23rd to 25th. See you soon!


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UFGT10:X Official Trailer

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UFGT10 is a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event!

We are pleased to announce that UFGT10 is officially a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event!  Players competing in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 will be able to win ranking points to help them qualify for one of the 16 qualification slots at the Capcom Cup.  Come get those points!


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Guilty Gear and Divekick Pot Bonus Announcement

We are very pleased to announce that the Divekick Addition Edition and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R tournaments at UFGT10 will have pot bonus payouts this year.

Community member ShinSyn generously added $1,000 to the prize pot for Guilty Gear. He noted, “With both the UFGT Tournament Series and Guilty Gear Accent Core +R coming to a close, it would only be right to send off both series’ with a bang. Let’s make a huge impact this year and see both UFGT and GGAC+R off right!  This will be one of the best +R tournaments, one to remember!”

Iron Galaxy Studios is throwing $500 into the prize pot for Divekick Addition Edition, a re-balanced update to last year’s release.  Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, said “UFGT is my stomping grounds. Get bodied son, imma be paying myself!”

Take a moment to tweet your thanks to @ShinSyn and @ItotheG for supporting the fighting game community.

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UFGT10′s Auction Events Announced!

What is a character auction tournament?  Read this wonderful article to find out!

UFGT10:X will host three Auction events this year, so bring that paper!

Character Auction rules - Players will gather in front of the stage. The auctioneer will draw a team of characters from a hat, and players will raise their hand to bid in $1 increments for the right to play in the Auction Tournament as that team.  Once a player wins a team, he can no longer participate in bidding wars.  All players must play on the arcade sticks provided to avoid controller configuration delays.

Event #1 - Capcom Vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 Character Auction [Players will be able to choose their own Groove, order, and ratio loadout.  16 player limit, single game, single elimination, 70/30 top 2 split]

Event #2 - Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Character Auction [Characters will be assist locked at time of bidding, but players can chose team order. 16 player limit, single game, single elimination, 70/30 top 2 split.  Includes a new twist on the old formula!]

Event #3 - Salty’s Silent Auction  

Wait, what?  Salty’s Silent Auction?  That’s different and new, please explain!


Silent Auction Rules - Throughout the day, players will be allowed to write their name and silent bid on a slip of paper and put it into our lockbox. The top 32 bids will be sorted out and those players will ante up and join the tournament bracket.  You will be playing Salty Bet’s MUGEN build, with a team of four randomly selected characters (KoF style).  This tournament will be best 2 out of 3 games, single elimination, with a 60/30/5/5 split to Top 4.   And yes, you’ll have a new random select team every single game.

Don’t miss this one and only chance to actually play Salty Bet’s insane MUGEN build, featuring over 2,600 characters!

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Hardware Button Bind Ruling for UFGT10

During Final Round 17, an interesting and complicated issue was brought to people’s attention concerning the player “Full Schedule” and his custom arcade stick.  His stick has the usual joystick and 8 buttons, but also includes two additional buttons positioned above where you’d normally place Medium Punch and Hard Punch.  These buttons trigger an Up+Left and Up+Right input, respectively.

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Flight Alerts! Low Prices to UFGT10!

Head over to our Travel and Hotel page and we’ll update a list of great flight deals to UFGT10 each week, courtesy of

Today’s great deals include:

Under $400 – San Francisco

Under $350 – LAX, Phoenix, San Juan

Under $300 – Washington Dulles, Baltimore, JFK, Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Charlotte

Under $250 – Washington National, Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville,  Kansas City, Tulsa, Omaha, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toronto

Under $200 – Memphis, St Louis, Minneapolis

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UFGT10:X Registration Now Open

Want to register for the final UFGT event? Online registration is now open. Please pay attention to the UMVCX registration portion, as it works differently from the rest of the games.

Register now!

Book your hotel room in our block at a special group rate here!

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UFGT10:X – The Finale


The Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament series will be holding its 10th event in 2014, and looking back on our history, we’re feeling proud and nostalgic at our contributions to the fighting game community. UFGT is the originator of multiple innovations at fighting game majors, including punch-clock proficient brackets, stream-supported mystery game tournaments, video-recorded panels, uniquely amazing trophies, inclusive auction tournaments, free door prizes, and the long-standing entertainment of Papa Keits’ carnival games. We’ve tried our best to grow the tournament alongside the Midwest fighting game scene, becoming a national attraction worthy of the finest players and spectators. Yet, as with all things, we also feel we’ve reached the zenith of what UFGT represents, and as a result, the climatic “X” will be our final event under the UFGT brand.

With this in mind, we’re going to try and put on the absolute best event we can, with returning excitements and improvements to our tournament festivities. If you have fond memories of UFGT, or a particular carnival game or a mystery tournament moment you can’t forget, please share them with us – we’re looking to give the people what they want. We hope you’ll enjoy UFGT one last time with us and make the finale one for the history books.

Let’s go out with a bang!

-Team UFGT (Adam Heart, Richard Thiher, and Max Wasserman)

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